Get Wasted sculpting body shaper
Women Skincare & Hair Loss Treatment - Get Wasted <small>sculpting body shaper</small> Quantity in Basket: None
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Want a flatter, firmer less wobbly waist? Get Waisted will help tighten, de-bloat and discourage fat deposits. When exercise alone won’t give you the tummy you want, Get Waisted!

• firms and tones your skin so it feels smooth and taut
• helps eliminate puffiness for a flatter tummy
• works well on love handles, too!

How to use:

One pump is plenty – massage in for at least 30 seconds using large clockwise strokes (helping sluggish digestion, another cause of bloated bellies). Work all the way around your back. Use once a day for 30 days – no cheating! For maintenance, use once a day for as long as y

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