Task Essential New Time Serum
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Revitalizing and restructuring cellular serum with Edelweiss extracts.


Apply night and morning to the face and neck after washing. Then use TASK’S Skin Feed moisturizing agent or Age Redeem.

Active principles:

Edelweiss: known for its purity and remarkable resistance to the most extreme conditions. It has an antioxidant property extremely higher than the retinol or vitamin E.
Oxygen and vitamin C: oxygen plays a vital role in the life of the skin's cells. The consequence of an optimal oxygen content is an increase in the production of collagen. The vitamin C helps the synthesis of collagen in the deeper skin. More this vitamin has also antioxidant effects.
New generation of peptides and oligopeptides: Awarded at the "Swiss technology awards", they smooth the skin and reduce signs of aging by imitating muscle contraction and by stimulating collagen synthesis.


Pure Edelweiss extracts provide effective protection against free radicals and polluting environments. Oxygen combined with new generation vitamin C permits more lasting hydration of the skin (up to 24 hours). Finally, the oxygen stimulates collagen production and compensates the loss of elastin, renewing the skin’s elasticity and natural radiance.


30 ml Airless Aluminium Bag

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