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Très Pure

Très Pure is an all natural treatment line delivering an anti-ageing beauty regimen specifically designed to work in synergy with the skin    This skincare company has a rich knowledge of natural ingredients and their essential properties, resulting in the most effective and luxurious way to care for the appearance and vitality of your skin.  Shahnaz Hussain, a New York based former investment manager, who is the formulator behind each of the products, handpicked each ingredient for effectiveness, richness, compatibility and most of all, purity.

Tres Pure skin care line is not only 100% free of harmful chemicals, but also works to nourish and restore the skin with healthy and beautiful results making it truly “skin care with purity”. Très Pure products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates, and amongst everything else, anything considered artificial and harmful to the skin and human body, which often compromise the natural actives of ingredients. The efficacies of each ingredient used have a multitude of benefits all the while complementing the ingredients within the product and our overall product line -all chosen for their similarities to our skin and containing some of the most powerful nourishing and healing qualities the skin thirsts for.

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