Tela Beauty Organics

Tela translates to fabric. It is the Latin term for “woven” — an apt reflection of Philip Pelusi’s philosophy for organic hair care, innovation, and design. Philip Pelusi approaches Tela product formula developments as a couturier addresses fabric – varying textures, lengths, and colors, recognizing that hair and skin require unique products, attention and care. The Tela vision advocates treating and cleansing hair and skin as you would your finest fabrics – cashmere and silk. In this approach, we consider hairs’ first priority is to be authentically healthy from the inside out. Rather, than prolonging a manufactured appearance of health upon the surface

Tela Performance Organics®

35 certified organics in each formula — simply never been done before We are driven by science to produce supernatural, hi-tech formulas – then we empower them with our proprietary 35 certified organic powerhouse ingredient blend. Our ahead of the curve patent pending, technology expresses Tela’s intuitive intelligence and innate wisdom. Our pioneering approach to product formulation and breakthrough approach to hair care harnesses the power of organics to become effective in each Tela formula.

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