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Want a great shave? Start with a clean face by using a facial cleanser, not soap to prepare the beard for a quality shaving cream. If the beard is particularly heave or rough, by applying a pre-shave oil will make the shave much smoother and closer. End with one of our moisturizers. For additional skincare products go to our skincare/anti-aging page. For ingrown hairs check out Min New York Solution2 or Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment.

Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream From Billy Jealousy

Sometimes it isn't nice to play rough.
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Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Remove dead skin cells, fight bacteria and free ingrown hairs with this lightweight gel formula.
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Task Essential Sweet Shave

Get a smooth and sweet shave


The Blind Barber Aftershave Soother is a daily use compound.

Getting a great shave is an easy two minute routine designed for discerning men who want to look their best quickly and as easily as possible.  Simply cleanse (don't use bar soap), shave with a good shave cream (not the stuff in a can) tone and then moisturize.

We also offer a large variety of skin care products such as facial cleansers, skin moisturizers, & anti-wrinkle creams, all of which deliver maximum results in battling the signs of aging such as wrinkles, and fine lines. In addition to these we also are the best when it comes to hair loss products and thinning hair treatments. We have all the vitamins for hair loss and thinning hair shampoos specially formulated to help stimulate follicles and fortify fine hair. Want to immediately eliminate the appearance of thinning hair or hair loss? Try our hair loss concealers and hair building fibers.

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