Sponge skincare products core values are detail + care. Extensive as well as intensive research for over has enabled Sponge Skincare to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants & herbs, harnessing the best of nature through a unique chemical-free extraction process to improve circulation, promote overall skin health and a glowing, youthful appearance.

Sponge Skincare's approach is that the skin is similar to a sponge, the skin gains nourishment by absorbing essential elements for a healthy glow, your skin absorbs the sponge line of creams with no greasy residues and you are left with a soft, fresh and clean feeling.

Sponge has been making natural skin care products that are based in olive oil with organically grown herbs for over thirty years. Sponge skincare uses a slow non-chemical process to extract the purest essences from the natural plants. The products were first developed by a physician to benefit his pregnant patients without impacting their unborn children. Through word of mouth, the products developed a loyal following and Sponge continues to stay true to its origins of care, health and well-being. The ingredients are harvested from the ancient, rich land of Greece.

The products are tested clinically for safety and are not tested on animals.  They are also hypoallergenic.

Sponge Skincare

Sponge Skincare Avacado Oil Sponge Skincare Avacado Oil

Price: $60.00

Sponge Skincare's Avacado + Oil is the “must have” product for healthy, radiant skin.

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