Osmotics Anti-Aging Products & Hair Thickening Products

The Allure Magazine "Breakthrough Product of the Year" was developed by Dr. Ella Lindenbaum at Technion Instituate in Haifa, Israel. Osmotics FNS (follicle nutrient serum) is a newly developed treatment for hair loss and thinning hair. Initially discovered while treating recalcitrant wounds, Osmotics FNS delivers a specific combination of amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals directly to the hair follicle: stopping hair loss and encouraging resting hair follicles to return to their growing phase. In most cases thinning hair regained strength and vitality and hair loss stopped. In some cases, hair returned to its youthful, original color.

The revolutionary Osmotics FNS Hair Thickening System works synergistically together to promote thicker, stronger, healthier hair and lashes. Many factors affect hair loss including stress, hormone fluctuations and the natural aging process which decrease the hair follicle's ability to receive and process nutrients necessary for growing strong, healthy hair. The Osmotics FNS line has been clinically proven to reverse these factors to bring you beautiful, healthier hair. Recently, InStyle Magazine has recommended the Osmotics FNS Hair Thickening System.
This Award Winning Product, recognized for breakthrough technology and efficacy. Osmotics FNS is a natural, safe, non-hormonal treatment containing a proprietary mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential for growing strong, healthy hair. This clinically proven formula, applied once daily to the scalp (AM or PM), delivers nutrients directly to the hair follicle for immediate absorption. Osmotics FNS is an anti-aging treatment for the hair.

With consistent use, Osmostics FNS will:
  • Effectively address hair loss
  • Increases hair thickness, strength, and vitality
  • Promotes healthy, shiny, and more lustrous hair
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair
  • Works great for women and men

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