Cane + Austin

The PROVEN, pure power of Glycolic Acid.

Cane & Austin™ is based on the PROVEN, pure power of Glycolic Acid.  As the gold standard in skincare ingredients, Glycolic acid significantly improves skin.  It’s that easy.  Glycolic Acid is clinically-proven to correct hyper-pigmentation, skin discoloration and is effective in reversing sun and free-radical damage.

Cane + Austin™ uses only purified, pharmaceutical-grade Glycolic Acid comparable to a treatment in a doctor’s office. Known as the superstar of the alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA’s, Glycolic Acid is derived directly from sugar cane and has the smallest molecular size (of any AHA) enabling it to work effectively both as an exfoliator and moisturizer.  The moisturization occurs by the Glycolic Acid’s ability to bring water molecules from the environment into the skin and by pulling water molecules up from the lower levels of the skin.

“Glycolic Acid was the only thing that actually proved to be therapeutic, improving skin’s texture and reducing large pores. Glycolic Acid actually made a clinical difference in the skin and the well being of the clients. It is the most effective and has the least side effects.”- Dr. Austin

Glycolic Acid penetrates through the damaged top layers of skin and destroys the 'glue' which holds dead skin to the surface. This process removes the dead skin cells that clog pores, resulting in increased cellular turnover, a smoother more radiant complexion and an overall more youthful appearance. PURE Glycolic Acid helps to improve the actual structure of the skin by increasing collagen, elastic tissue and fibroblasts all which work to produce new skin. It helps to restore the thickness of the skin back to its original state. These unique technological differences only further set Cane + Austin™ above and beyond other “doctor brands” on the market. Cane + Austin™ actually makes a difference in your skin. It is a clinically proven one step process that gives actual results.

It actually works: Using Cane + Austin™ will make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels, it isn’t a cosmetic.

For everyone: Cane + Austin™ can we used by both women and men, of all ages and skin types

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