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Astara Skin Care is based on the philosophy that life supports life. Proper nutrition and support of your body's own healing mechanisms are the key to healthier, younger-looking skin. Astara Skin Care is committed to honoring our customers and improving their overall health and skin care. Astara believes that by nurturing our true health through raw botanical ingredients, cutting edge formulations and unique technologies, the radiant essence of the individual will shine through.


Astara AHA Nutrient Toning Essence Astara AHA Nutrient Toning Essence

Price: $36.00

Infused with brightening, toning, and hydrating ingredients, this multi-functional toner balances the pH mantle of the skin following cleansing. Calms and provides the perfect preparation to receive further nutrition.

Astara Blue Flame Purifying Gel Cleanser Astara Blue Flame Purifying Gel Cleanser

Price: $42.00

Clarifies combination, oily, blemish-prone skin in a gentle way. Helps balance sebum production. Potent Totara Tree essence combines with Willow Bark and Tea Tree extracts to target bacteria. Sugar Cane and Apple lightly exfoliate and help stimulate renewal for a smooth, clear, ‘pore-less’ glow.

Astara Blue Flame Purifying Toning Mist Astara Blue Flame Purifying Toning Mist

Price: $39.00

Totara Tree essence and Black Willow tree extract contain active salicin for its natural antiseptic and soothing benefits. Helps purify and balance oily skin. Helps stimulate skin's natural renewal process. Antioxidants protect skin from free-radical damage.

Astara Botanical Cleansing Gele' Astara Botanical Cleansing Gele'

Price: $38.00

A wonderful blend of nature's own cleansers and emollients, this light gel for all skin types removes make-up, deeply cleanses the pores and skin surface while moisturizing, to leave a soothed and refreshed feeling. Ideal for make-up removal as well as shaving.

Astara Daily Refining Scrub Astara Daily Refining Scrub

Price: $38.00

Gentle enough to use every day, this organic aloe-based exfoliant combines diatomaceous earth from the depths of the sea with soothing and nutrient-rich plant extracts for profound cleansing, buffing, and removal of dead cells to improve overall skin health absorption of nutrients. Refines fine lines when used consistently.

Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask

Price: $42.00

Provides effective powerful purification of skin's pores and surface with Tea Tree Oil and other anti-microbial botanicals. Bioactive components soothe, hydrate, nourish, and strenghten the skin's natural resistance to excessive oiliness and blemishes.

Astara Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer Astara Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer

Price: $80.00

The richest and most concentrated of our replenishing moisturizers, this triple-action treatment simultaneously stimulates cellular regeneration, protects against free radicals, and intensely hydrates to restore youthful suppleness and radiance to mature and very dry skins.

Astara Violet Enzyme Mask Astara Violet Enzyme Mask

Price: $48.00

Powerful fruit enzymes digest dead surface cells, oxygenate, and energize cell respiration, while nourishing vitamins boost skin vitality.

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