MegamamaSuper rich Omega body lotion
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superfood for supermamas to nourish dry skin

superfood for supermamas to nourish dry skin

A wonderful blend of organic Omega oils and powerful antioxidants to strengthen, nourish and pamper dry skin that has been give, give, giving in every way. Smells gorgeous!

• Superfood Chia Seed nourishes, Pumpkin Seed eases muscles 
• Skin will look smoother, brighter, hydrated and fit
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe

How to use:

Treat yourself to a daily application of Megamama on shower damp skin (if you don't make it to the shower, use on dry skin… your secret is safe with us). Smooth upwards from tippy toes to shoulders to replenish, revitalise and nourish dry skin. You should be using Tummy Rub Butter or Oil to baste your most stretch mark prone areas (boobs, bellies and bottoms) during and for four months after pregnancy. Megamama is for dry skin all over (legs, arms, shoulders…).

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